Thursday, July 26, 2007

Update: The $150 Laptop is it a scam?

So yesterday maybe? I actually don't remember but I posted recently about A $150 Linux laptop. It seemed pretty cool. But one person commented and said it was a scam, so I quickly put in bold at the beginning of the post that it could be a scam. Cause it wouldn't be good if someone reading my blog got ripped off... I look out for you guys. Now I just was reading on Cnet that it might not be a scam. Cnet being Cnet was clever enough and they contacted the makers of this $150 laptop and the response Cnet was given was this:

"Thank you for writing! First of all: the offer is geniune, and the laptop certainly exists! We are aware of the ongoing debate on various on-line forums about whether this is a scam or not, but hopefully everything will be clarified really soon. For instance, we will arrange a press conference in Sweden within a few days to address any doubts and questions regarding our authenticity."

So I wouldn't go out and buy the laptop now, but don't dismiss it yet. Lets wait for a press release and maybe Cnet to review it. My first posting on this was here.