Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Great Desktop Calender on Linux

I love Screenlets and Gdesklets all every other widget type thing for Linux, but none of them have a calender for your desktop like this. This post will be review Rainlendar, which your desktop should not live without. This post will review it and tell you how to install i ton Linux, cause boy did I have problems with this guy.....but it was worth it once we figured out what was going on. So It will hopefully be easy for you now!

But first we got the review. What is Rainlendar? Rainlendar is a Calendar that sits on your desktop and basically is your life at your fingertips. I love to stay organized and my Google Calendar has been awesome, but it never gave me a quick look at what was going on. I like having my calendar on my desktop cause usually if I need to check a date I want to do it fast, with this I do not have to log into Google or open my internet browser. Now I know all the Linux Open Source, free software people are goign to kill me but there is a pay version of Rainlendar. But I do not use it, I use the free one which I have no regrets over. The only functionality the pay version has that a Linux user might use is syncing with your Google Calendar. For me I do not feel the need to have two Calendars, but some may want the Google one for on the go, but hey if you got a Linux laptop Rainlendar is always on your desktop....

I guess before I go any further I should dazzle you with screen shots of it on my computer. Just a note Rainlender isn't this blur with text, I just blurred out some of my appointments. So first Screen shot is my whole desktop, then I will give you a nice zoomed in on the Calendar itself.

The screen shots pretty much so the functionality of this great application. You can see dates on the Calendar with things to do are blue, and things marked important are red. Also some things are put into categories, pretty much like tags, and they have tiny symbols that show up. Two of the symbols on my calendar you can see are vacation, and medical. To add an even you just double click a date on the Calendar, and then it automatically will come up in the Events list. You can also turn the events list off if you do not want it. There also is a to do list but I have mine turned off cause I just keep everything as events. Another neat feature is if you hold your mouse over an icon a little snazzy looking balloon pops up with information saying what is going on on that day.

Installation will come in my next post, Figured I would give you a cliff hanger...jk I have to leave. Anywho its simple enough to install but if it don't work for you stay tuned cause I will help you guys who are broken....


Now I have instructions on Installation for Rainlendar!