Sunday, July 15, 2007

AWN SVN now has all the Patches included

If you have been following awn recently on the awn forum you would have known a ton of patches have been being created recently and its been getting very interesting. So the developer Neil came back from being MIA again and now included all those patches into the latest svn. So if you were totally confused about patches now you can just grab all the neat stuff from the latest svn!

So how to grab SVN? Open terminal and type:

svn checkout avant-window-navigator

Then cd into the directory you jus downloaded and run:



sudo make install

So then run awn then use terminal and run:

this will open up the gconf-editor then navigate to apps>avant-window-navigator>bar and you can now change the bar angle, height, extra width, and icon offset. So have fun!! And Now lets look in aww at my AWN dock: