Monday, July 9, 2007

The Snazzy Way to Logout of Linux

There is this fairly new program called Closure. It's not brand new but I have only seen it mentioned and talked about on the AWN Forum. Closure to be used does need a composite manager, so you will need to be using; compmgr, beryl, compiz or the new Compiz Fusion. Ok now back to Closure. Before I go into Closure I will dazzle your eyes with a screen shot of it:

As you can see it looks pretty smooth. As for features Closure really doesn't do a whole lot, but what it does it does well. Basically when Closure is just an updated look for the log out menu. AS you can probably see in the screen shot above, Closure will; Lock, reboot, and Shutdown. Also there is a small elegant x out button just in case you brought up Closure to log out but then decide not to. Closure is not very complicated to use and is super simple and easy to set up. Its a nice quick way to give an updated look to your computer. Just compare Closures looks to the "normal" way someone would log out of gnome on Ubuntu:

(I will try and get the picture back, Unfortunately someone changed it to a bad picture....)

Now doesn't Closure look much slicker then that? You bet it does, so now your probably asking how can I get this nifty little program? Well I will tell ya. So lets open up a terminal and grab the SVN for Closure:

svn checkout closure

Now cd into the directory that was created by the SVN and and in terminal run:



sudo make install

Now If you had no errors you should be able to run closure with the command:

Closure will also be in your application menu if you want a desktop icon, or it even looks very nice on AWN. If for some reason you are having trouble get help in this forum thread. Also if you want Closure is hosted on Google Code here. Closure seems to be in very active development so stay tuned for updates. I will post updates here on my blog but you can also see them in that forum post I mentioned before.