Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Preview: AWN theme Manager

If you are an AWN user who can't seem to get the right color settings for there dock, then maybe you have tried asking other for their settings? If you have tried that then you know its a pain because there are lots of different things to change, and lost of numbers and letters for the colors... So if you ever wanted to copy someones theme it woudl take a lot of copying and pasting. Or if you made a theme you like and wanted to save it you woudl have to record all the values of the different colors somewhere for you to get later.

Well I got some good news for you all ryancr over at the AWN forum has started work on an AWN theme manager. This post is titled preview for a reason, because this is the initial code of the theme manager, and is buggy. But I thought I would give you a little preview of what its like so far:

The features it has so far are:

  • The ability to save a theme that you have created in AWN's preferences and then keep it in the AWN theme manager for later use
  • The ability to load in other peoples themes that they have created using the awn theme manager
  • The ability to have all your themes you have created or download in one easy place so you can easily change themes back and forth with minimal clicks.