Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Great Idea!

I really like these new Compiz Fusion effects. So I was thinking what could be better about them? While using the flip 3d plugin I noticed it even showed minimized application which is a feature I really liked....cause using a nvidia graphics card with my 64mb of video ram doesn't allow me to have lots of windows open up and showing, but i noticed I could have them minimized and still use them, I just can't use them all at once. Anyway I got a little off topic there, back to my great idea. I noticed when using flip 3d the minimized applications came up only as an icon...depicted below you see my Exaile music player is minimized so you see the Exaile icon and not the picture of what it looks like, unlike my Firefox browser in the background which is un-minimized:

Anywho what if Compiz could take a little shot of each window you opened so even if it was minimized it could pull back that shot and display it there instead of the very ugly and stretched icons?