Sunday, July 22, 2007

Speed Improvemnt for Compiz Fusion

After my last blog post here, I was determined to get Compiz Fusion running speedy and smooth on my computer. SO I searched the Internet and came up with some fixes, and I now launch Compiz Fusion with a new command, with lots of things attached. I have no clue what they all do but they help. SO if you are having speed problems with Compiz Fusion try starting Compiz Fusion with this command:

export __GL_YIELD="NOTHING"; compiz --replace --loose-binding --indirect-rendering sleep 5; emerald --replace &

No I still do have one problem. It all runs great and smooth but for some reason my desktop is unresponsive. I can see my desktop but i cant interact with it. I con only interact with files on it if I go into the file browser. So if you have any suggestions or other Compiz Fusion speed tips share them in the comments. By the way I hear indirect rendering doesn't help with speed but I need it to some what solve the black window bug with nvidia.