Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Thougts On Screenlets 0.0.8

So I just installed Screenlets 0.0.8 which if you haven't heard about yet, then you should check my bog more often cause I posted about it here. Anywho I decided to get it up and running cause my old version of Screenlets was very broken and had me super frustrated and it just wouldn't work anymore. So I scrapped it and installed the new one, which maybe I will blog latter on how to get it up and running.

My first impressions were, "yes it is actually working for me!" After I got over my initial reaction I decided to fool around with it and check out some of these new Screenlets. The first one I decided to play with was the all new and exciting FLOWER Screenlet.....yea exactly who the heck thought it would be cool to have a growing flower on your desktop.....Flowers aren't exactly the kind of eye candy I was looking to show off to my friends. Anywho despite me thinking it un-cool eye candy I tried it anyway, maybe it woudl be cool. So I got it running on my desktop and it looks exactly like that picture to the right....an empty pot. Do I need to wait for it to grow or something? I have had it running for a good 10 minutes before I wrote this review to see if the plant woudl actually grow, but apparently its realistically and grows in real time. I don't plan on using my computer long enough to wait for this plant to grow, so i decided to look in its preferences and see if I could speed up the grow rate or something. Nothing like playing God with digital plant life. So while looking through it's preferences it said something about how I should water it.....yea so again tell me how do I water a digital plant.....they forgot to mention that I guess? Ok so I am done with the flower Screenlet because I have no clue how it works...any suggestions woudl be appreciated.

After my troubles with the flower Screenlet I moved on to the picture frame screenlet, which guess is a neat idea, I can see nifty pictures form one of my photo albums I assume? So I got it up and running and it looks liek the picture to the left, when you don't have any pictures put in it. So after getting it up the obvious thing to do is to get pictures in it right, now that shouldn't be to hard., right? Well it seems pretty easy as I right clicked on the screenlet selected to browse for some pictures. So I browsed to the folder of the picture album I wanted to be in the picture frame, and selected a picture. Unfortunately my picture is a jpeg....and this picture frame screenlet only allows png pictures at the moment. But the warning message I was given said "yet" in it so I assume more file formats will come soon...hopefully.

Other then the two new screenlets all the old screenlets I am used to having all worked great. An I am pleased to say screenlets 0.0.8 works well. I personally don't see much of a difference but I guess all the new stuff/changes are invisible to our eyes and I guesses in the code. Lastly there was another new screenlet in their but it isn't done yet but the start of it seemed cool. I was called storage and looked like a little cardboard box on your desktop and when you drag a file onto it, the top opened. I am not sure what happened to the file when I dropped it in it but the file was still on my desktop. But it seems like it will be a cool useful screenlet.

Overall I love screenlets, coming from a mac I want to see screenlets evolve and become more easier to manage screenlets. Also I want to see the number of screenlets increase, I want more. Those are my thoughts on screenlets 0.08


ok So Now my plant started to grow! I wounder if it dies when it gets really old...?

Update number 2:

Well the plan't sure does die when it get old, cause mine looks dead. But i just noticed if you right click it you can click on "water" so I assume thats how you keep it alive.