Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Install Screenlets 0.0.8

So I already posted a review about Screenlets here, and I said maybe I would get around to how to install it and run it so I guess I should do that. So here it goes.... First go here, and download the source. They give one way to install it with like make install but the readme in the file has another way which I will elaborate more on this post, and I will go into how to run screenlets, cause to my knowledge un-like the last release there is no gui for launching screenlets.

So once you got the source downloaded move it to what ever directory you like, I like to do things from the home directory but it's your choice. Next extract it, the easy way is to right click it and choose extract. No open a terminal and cd into that screenlets-0.0.8 directory. Once in it run this command:

sudo python install

That should install it and yippy skippy, that was easy. So now lets get screenlets up and running. So you could do this by command line, but I think its easier and quicker to point and click, so open your file manager and navigate to the screenlets directory. Once in Navigate to:


Once in there you will see a bunch of directories which are all the screenlets you have installed, mine looks like this:

Ok so now that I put the picture in it looks to blurry to read, so sorry about that, but you get the general idea. SO next navigate into the directory of the screenlet you want to launch it do this: Click on the icon that say the and bam your screenlet shall be up on the desktop, but please make sure you have a composite manager running before you do this, because then they won't look so pretty.

Now just repeat that for each screenlet you want running. If the screenlet ran and is working go have fun and stop reading this, if your screenlet didn't come up when u you clicked the .py file then read on.

So if your reading this that sucks for you, heheh just kidding, I think I know how to solve your problem with some easy magic. Right clcik the .py file and click and click properties. Then click the permissions tab and make sure the "allow executing file blah blah blah" is checked.

Now re-click the .py and your screeenlet should come up! If it doesn't then sorry you will have to share some details with us to help you....