Monday, July 16, 2007

New Version of Screenlets: 0.0.8

Screenlets if you don't know it are little widget like things for your desktop. And if you use Compiz Fusion or Beryl you can use the like Mac's dashboard if you turn the widget plug in on. So for a while I personally thought screenlets was dead, I didn't hear much about them after the first couple of months they were out, so this is great that there is finally an update to them. I have not installed it yet but will get around to it eventually. But here are the list of changes the forum post lists:

CHANGES in v0.0.8:
- new session-system: screenlets are now intended to be launched separately and support multiple sessions (the screenlets-daemmon is still supported to ensure backwards compatibility with third-party screenlets, but shouldn't be used anymore and will get removed sooner or later)
- screenlets not run within one process anymore, each screenlet-type has its own process and automatically handles multiple instances within that process
- all screenlets now have own dbus-services and can easily interact with other applications and/or offer custom services (like org.screenlets.Clock or org.screenlets.Notes), this offers very amazing possibilites for the developer
- new PicframeScreenlet, FlowerScreenlet and StorageScreenlet (some of them still quite unfinished)
- added drag&drop support to baseclass and some of the screenlets (Picframe can receive images through drag&drop, Notes can receive text, ...)
- separated code into several modules
- various bugfixes and optimizations
- ... see changelog in package for a full list of changes (there are quite a few ;) ...)