Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Audacity Free Open Source Audio Editor

Audacity is an open source program that allows you to record from a microphone or to alter and edit sound files. It is available from sourceforge.net and has been one of that group's most successful programs. Like a lot of open source programs, there is a minor complication in setting itup; you have to download not just the program but also a file called "LAME" which the website has a link for. Audacity works without the LAME file but some of its special features don't. For example, the first time you convert an Audacity file to mp3, the program will ask you to locate the LAME file. After that, there is no problem.

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Changing Permissions of Locked Folders in Ubuntu Linux

Terminal Comfort is a way to get more comfortable using the terminal in Ubuntu linux. Today we are going to talk about locked folders. Many newer users who are not comfortable with the terminal get by all right today with linux because it has become so much more user friendly over the years. But every once in a while a user of linux who is not comfortable using the terminal, will accidental do something such as luck a folder and will not know what to do.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Forum for THe Linux Movement

If you have followed my blog from the beginning you may know that I helped set up the forums for the Awn project.

They were a new ajax type of forum that I believe helped get things done with Awn with collaboration. The forums have become very active over at Awn and there a lot of Linux users with a ton of experience hanging around them. I always want to ask them for help with other issues; ones not involvign Awn, but that forum is just meant for Awn...

So I decided to creat a LInux Movement forum, well actually just a general linux forum to get soem support in, or just chit chat abotu linux in. SO without furthure adue here is a link to a new forum based from the readers of The Linux Movement, lets all ban together and help one another.

Forum Link!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hardy Alpha 6 thoughts

I have recently upgraded to hardy alpha 6 and so far am very very pleased. One thing I wanted to point out was hard comes with the latest Compiz Fusion and so far it is much stabler and smoother for me then the previous version.

I have not yet run into the black window bug with my nvidia card!!! But I must say I haven't tried to open as many windows as I could yet...actually let me to a small test right now.....

So I just opened 4 firefox windows, pidgin, one chat window and a pdf file, and awn...... and no black window bug!!! Could it be fixed? With the previuse version of compiz fusion I was runnign which came with Feisty I could not open more then 2 firefox windows at a time before gettign the black window bug, this is a significant performance upgrade. It probably has more to do with the latest compiz fusion release and not Hardy, but correct me if I am wrong...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Awn Remember the Milk Applet

Are you juggling a million things you need to complete at once? Well why not use a todo list? The one problem I have had with todo lists, is I want them to be quickly and easily accessible. I never could find one, because I would always need to browse to a website in firefox, which isnt that long, but is a pain when I need a quick glance at what I need to do.

But now there is a super quick and easy todo list usign remeber the milk + Awn!!!! Here is a nice screenshot:

This us a super sweet todo list for Awn, and will definetly help me stay on task. If you want to download it you can grab it here. Just a note you do need an accoudt with Remeber the Milk, but thats really is no big deal. Lastly if you have questions or bugs with the applet or simply want to discuss it, you can chat about it here is this awn forum post.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

How do you know scams exist?

So how do you know the internet is full of liars?

Just use linux and surf the internet:

Yea mailware and viruses don't really exist on linux...So I don't' know how they detect them on my machine?

New Compiz Fusion Animations!

OK so they are not exatly out yet, but I am told they are coming out soon. The three new animations are called, helix, blinds, and sandstorm.

There are some preview videos of them on youtube!!! So watch and enjoy: