Thursday, July 19, 2007

Miro, New Sweet media player

This article here will just be a quick introduction to the new Cool media player called Miro. And I will share how to install. First of all I was disappointed when I first got it, but I will say I haven't fooled around enough with it to see if I should really be disappointed. I figured this woudl be like and itunes for linux, and be super snazzy. Don't get me wrong it is super snazzy but not an itunes. OK what am I doing I am already ranting on it and I haven't even explained it at all to you what it is, all I have said is it's a media player. So what exactly is a media player? The best way I can describe it is an itunes for videos and that sort of media, not music. Well not to my knowledge, I got to play with it some more. But it seems geared to video stuff.

So it's got internet TV which is cool with easy searching and browsing in the Miro guide, but you can also access youtube and easily download and save your favorite youtube videos. The hompage for Miro is here, and the instead of me coping and pasting how to get it, Miro does an extreamly good Job of explaining how to get it, and they are very distribution specific instructions which can be found here. So go fool around with, it I will right my review and thoughts about it some other day after I get used to it. Feel free to share and discuss your thoughts in the comments.