Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Rants on Opera

Opera another Internet browser in the great Internet browser wars. Its name is often up there with FireFox but usually behind it not in front of it. No before I start my rants on Opera browser, let me tell you this; Opera is actually my favorite web browser, but at the same time I hate it. Now for one thing I have no statistical evidence to back this up but just personal judgment while using my computer, but I definitely believe Opera is a faster browser then FireFox, and I also believe it is lighter on my computer. By lighter I mean it does not bog down my computer as much as having FireFox running. So if Opera is faster and lighter why do you cathc me using FireFox as my main internet browser and not Opera? Well opera is great only when you can get sites to load in it. For some reason Opera has major issues with rendering a lot of websites that I visit a lot, for example; Meebo, Qunu, Wetpaint, and a whole list of other websites, that I am sure you readers can post many more in the comments section. Also to note Opera does not have all the fancy add ons that FireFox has but I can live with that....some of the time. The one add on that Opera has built in I guess is the add block, I actually really like how Opera built in the ad block, and love its use. Which if you don't know in Opera how to use ad block, right click on a website then click "block content" then click all those little nasty adds away! I know I am jumping around a bit in this article but back to why Opera annoys me. Any web browser that you can right click on a website and mask your browser or make it identify itself as two other types of browsers have a problem. Opera obviously knows they have problems with rendering sites so why not fix it?