Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Downfall of Qunu?

If you haven't heard of Qunu you can check it out here came out who knows when....quite a bit ago. , or read on cause I will explain and share my thoughts. So qunu launched maybe a year? I really don't remember but its not that important. So what is Qunu you may be asking if you never heard about it? I should probably start there....I would describe Qunu as an aim chat directly with great free tech support. Qunu could probably be used for non-geeky things to but mostly I saw it as amazing free instant tech support. Anywho it was great and it came out just as I was really getting into linux, and was a super help in teaching me linux. You would get someone in a chat one on one with you for hours at a time, giving you personal help, I never had a problem someone on Qunu couldn't help me with. Qunu was great!!.....

Qunu over time changed looks, and became cooler looking, but now it seems to be dying. Lately when trying to get help with linux on Qunu, no one has been accepting my questions. There always seems to be at least 4-5 people on under Ubuntu or the linux tags. But after waiting for someone to respond to me i usually get it saying they are not available. Basically it is getting harder and harder for me to find someone on qunu who will help me...So maybe if this post gets some attention it will renew interest in qunu. If you have spare time and like helping go check it out, I am on there sometimes to but I am not the most knowledgeable by any means, I am still new to linux. Also it seems the Qunu blog hasn't been updated since March.