Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Compiz Fusion Effects

So the Compiz Fusion blog hasn't been updated in a while, but now they have and with some new effects. The first effect is a bit funky, and I probably will not use it. But I guess it would be fun to play around with. The second new effect is the one I am excited for! But I will save the best for last.

The first new effect is called, "Color Filter Plugin" yea like that sounds bad for those color blind folks. Well actually it looks kind of cool but not very useful. Her is the description of what it does from the blog:

A new Google Summer-of-Code plugin has gone into the repositories, called ‘colorfilter’ by iXce. This allows you to change certain colors to other colors by the use of pixel shaders. You can toggle color filtering for specific windows or the entire screen. Colorfilters are loaded via special color filter files.
So your like great what does any of that mean....well I will show you what it means. It means you can make your computer look like this:

Or like this:

So yea that's enough of that new plugin. To me it seems like it would be fun to play with for like 5 minutes, and then you will realize it would be a pain in the but to actually work with your computer looking like that...

system it looks So now onto the next new and even cooler plugin! Now most will think this next plugin is pretty cool but I know what a good amount of you will say, "That looks like Windows Vista, thats crap..." well let me just tell you it looks cool, and I don't give a damn what operatinglike it is from! Anywho if we got it in Linux it is more that we can shove in the face of Windows because we can use there nifty trick with a lot less computer power then they need....Ok enough wiht my ranting you want to know the next new plugin, so here we go.

The Other new plugin they mention on the Compiz Fusion blog is called, "Shift Window Switcher." So this is the description of it straight from the Compiz Fusion blog:

Onestone has release a new window swithing plugin called ‘Shift.’ This is essentially Vista-Style Flip3D switching and Mac CoverFlow Switching. There is also a reflection feature and this plugin actually does more that Flip3D and CoverFlow. You can change the angle at which Flip shows, as well as how big the windows will be and of couse, showing the text.

Now this plugin un-like the color one I mentioned first in this post could be useful. This plugin sure as hell looks cool, and seems to me liek another version of scale. I am not saying it does scale animation thingy, but it is generally the same idea, it is used to switch windows. What am I doing I almost forgot screenshot of this one!

So that is it for new plugins, in the Compiz Fusion sector. Now don't get me wrong about the color plugin who knows it may be a lot cooler then I played it up to be, I haven't tried it yet. I hate to write this on a Linux blog but I am blogging from a mac...well at least I am not blogging from vista! Anywho when I get time to get back on my favorite Ubuntu machine I will let you know how these plugins work for me.


Ok so I got back to my Ubuntu Computer, and got to try out these cool effects. I first tried the Shift window Switcher, and its really super cool. It looks very snazzy. Basically once it's up you can use your mouse wheels to scroll through the windows, and it's great! It has two modes, the flip one, which is like the vista thing and then the other mode is like mac's cover flow. I do have one suggestion for the cover flow version and that would be to see more windows on the sides of the one in the middle. But maybe you can do this and I just ned to fool with the settings.

AS for the new color plug in thing, I didn't really try it. I was a bit confused on how to get it to work...but I will do some more experimenting as the day goes on.