Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gimp needs a face lift now too?

If you have been reading my blog since the start then you are a saint...well actually I was going to say you probably remember my article about me ranting on pidgin and on how it needs a face lift. Anyway my article seemed to grab a lot of peoples attention and lots of people agreed, and lots of people were pissed about it. But now it seems my ideas on how Linux programs in general need a face lift to fit in with the new snazzy desktop environments seems to be catching on.

Well now I was browsing around on Digg and came across a post on the front page about how Gimp needs a face lift. As you may guess I agree, with this statement. Now I can not say if I agree with the article that was written because I could not access it because it seemed to have suffered from the Digg effect and died. So I will be checking back every now and then to see if its back up, anytime soon.

I hear that Gimp is extremely powerful and on par with Photoshop but I can't vouch for that. I am a fairly good Photoshop user, and when I came onto Linux looking for a similar program, I found Gimp and heard great things, but I was disappointed. I found Gimp extremely hard to use...maybe its because I was taught on Photoshop but I found Gimp a pain, and was to frustrated to even spend a month or two to get used to it.

So maybe Gimp doesn't need a "Face lift" for say like I suggested for Pidgin but more of a face lift in terms of how a user leaves it. I think it needs a face lift in terms of user experience. Now while browsing through the comments section on Digg for, this article I found I discovered a nifty little link. This link is a link to the Gimp wiki where they are discussing a user interface re-design for Gimp. Now I do not know how old this wiki page is or if its actually serious, but I sure do hope so. I want to see the power of Gimp become easy to use.