Monday, July 23, 2007

Screenlets 0.0.9 Already!

So Screenlets which just had its 0.0.8 release almost a week or so (maybe less?) after 0.0.8 they have created 0.0.9! So you can check it out here. Also here is a quote to show you what has been updated:

- new tabbed layout in Properties-dialog (e.g. new Themes-tab)
- improved MailCheck (now uses keyring to store passwords, NOTE: passwords are only stored for the current session yet)
- improved Launcher (now supports drag&drop of menu-entries from Applications-menu)
- improved CPUMeter (including new theme)
- improved Notes (far better, yet still buggy, keyhandling)
- new "protected"-options (not accessible through dbus)
- faster startup and resizing (hopefully)
- improved theme-system, most themes can now be created from _either_ PNG _or_ SVG images (except the Clock), I hope to see some more themes now Wink
- many more details in changelog ...