Monday, July 23, 2007

IRazoo is Crap

OK this isn't about linux but a new web 2.0 start up I thought was pretty cool. But forget that it is complete crap! Basically it's a people powered search and you can vote up search results and recommend them up for others. I found the search results to be no better then Google, and at times much worse. But I stayed using it cause they had this scheme that you can get points for searching and for recommending websites. And with the points you could get free stuff, so I was like "hey I could use a free Ipod."

So after using it all day I have accumulated 50 points and, and now I see this small message at the top saying I have reached the daily 50 point maximum. So basically you can only get 50 points a day....So now for the math!!!

An Ipod video cost 175,000 points!!! So lets see 50 points a day that means it would take us 35,00 days of using this website to get a free Ipod. Just in case your curios that is 95.8 years....yea by that time the Ipod video will be a bit obsolete...