Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Google Desktop On Linux Review

I first found out that Google Desktop was going to be on Linux and I was super excited!! I rushed to go download it, and was immediately disappointed when I got to the download site (http://desktop.google.com/linux/) and looked into it. I noticed it was just a search and un-like the windows version Google Desktop for Linux didn't allow the use of Google gadgets. SO lets compare them right here, this is Google Desktop for Windows:

Now lets look at Google Desktop for Linux, its a bit skimpy compared to the windows version:

If you look at the two pictures you see that the Linux version is just a search box for files on your computer and nothing else... But I was still optimistic and thought at least maybe I will have a cool way to search my computer for files so I installed it.

After installing and trying it I was even more disappointed, the search results were horrible! The search results were completely irrelevant. Lets to a demo search for example I searched the word navy. My google desktop results give me this:
This picture may be a little hard to read but here are my first result copied below:

/home/mike/stuff/wine-src/wine-0.9.37~winehq0~.../cdlg_En.rc - Open folder - 1 cached - 05/11/2007
what the hell is that... all my results are very similar and arent very useful, you coudl say Google Desktop search went a little to in depth....

SO basically I have come to the conclusion Google Desktop Search on Linux sucks, so now what shall Linux users do..... Well I suggest get beagle. Beagle is a great desktop search program for Linux, now lets see how my search term navy works with beagle, and we can compare results with that of the Google Desktop Search.

Here is a picture of the results with beagle searching for the same search term, "navy":

You can see that the above results are much more relevant results of things I would actually be looking for, unlike the Google desktop search results. So in a battle Beagle beats out google in the Linux desktop searching!