Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Linux Headlines (Issue 1)

Linux Headlines are going to be post I do every week or so, but don't count on me getting them out on a perfect cycle, because that just won't happen. Linux Headlines will be a post with links to Linux in the news and they will just be over views of what has recently been going on in the Linux world. They will usually consist of a couple short summary's with quotes and maybe a few small pics if I am feeling super creative. So here is Issue One:

Ubuntu Receives Readers Choice Award For Best Linux Distribution

The Linux magazine Enterprise Open Source held a reader's choice award for the best Linux distribution and you heard it Ubuntu was the big winner voted by the Linux community. Here is a quote from Ubuntu on this matter;

“The Ubuntu community and our end-users strive to create and work with a version of Linux that is simple, elegant and easy to use,” said Jane Silber, director of Operations, Canonical Ltd. “The reader's Choice Award is another proof point that we are achieving our goals and meeting the needs of the greater computing community.”
I am going to have to agree with these readers on their choice of Ubuntu as the Linux Distribution, because Ubuntu is my distribution of choice to! So congratulations to Ubuntu!

Dell To Expand Sales on their Linux Line of Computers

First off Dell is going to be adding a new Laptop to its Ubuntu Linux Line, the Inspiron 1420N. So what some people may have thought Dell was just going to do to make a few folks happy is starting to grow. Dell is going to be giving more choice to its Ubuntu users by giving them more options on which computers you can choose. Also it sounds like you can pick from a couple of colors for this new laptop, which is pretty spiffy.

So what else is Dell up to in expanding Linux use? Well they have been only selling Ubuntu computers in the United States but Now they are goign to expand this and sell them outside the United States, so party on non-Americans! So lets here from Dell now;

On Dell's Direct2Dell site, Lionel Menchaca, Dell's digital media manager, said, "Wanted to be clear that Dell does have plans to offer Linux to more consumers in additional locations outside the United States. More details to come later this summer. We will also offer Ubuntu to small business customers in the future. As soon as we have more details to share, I'll blog about both topics here."
Can't wait to see this happen, also I would like to see some figures on how Ubuntu is selling for Dell....that woudl be interesting statistics....

Open Moko The Linux Powered Phone

This is a pretty cool start for Linux on phones, there first phone which is on sale now is the Neo which is about $300. At the moment on there wiki page they say the phone out for sale right now is not intended for regular users. It seems like this one is a developers version, but they plan on creating one for the general public eventually. My first thoughts about it were it seems very similar to the iphone, it has a touch screen and similar looking style. To bad you can't go to the local store and try one of these guys out.