Monday, August 13, 2007

Update on Stacks

A bit ago I wrote about stacks on Awn well now it's been slightly updated. It looks nicer and has some nice new features but it is still a little buggy. First off here is a screen shot I took of the stacks icon on my dock:

As you may be able to see, you con now better see multiple icons of things from in your stack. I have a pdf text document then a patch and then the Google image from the Google homepage. And you can pretty much see all of them. From my own tests it seems like it shows you the last 3 things put into your stack. But I also noticed if you removed something from your stack it did not update with the change on the image.

Also when you open up the stack it looks a little bit smoother and nicer looking. Here is the image from the forum post about the new version of stacks:

Unfortunately when I try and take my own screen shot of this, it automatically closes...No clue why it wasn't workign for me. Now this is a lot more updated for the interface of stacks. The top arrow if pressed will bring you back a directory, and as you can see you can navigate into other directories, it is pretty much like a little file browser. Definitely pretty handy. Once the small kinks get worked out this will definitely be an amazing applet for Awn.