Thursday, August 2, 2007

Linux and Fonts

Ever since I started to use Linux I have always seen how to's on fixing the look of fonts. All of them claimed to make fonts look smoother and nicer. I never tried any of them because I thought, "my fonts look fine." Also I was to lazy to do any of the fixes....Anywho I came across a post today on an easy way to fix the fonts so I decided to give it a try. I got these instructions/shell script from this forum post. So basically go there and follow the instructions if you want to install it, there is no use on me repeating everything he wrote there, and it's simple enough.

So I followed it and it was fast and easy to install, but does it actually make your fonts look nicer is the question....So I decided to do a test. Before I installed it I took a screen shot of a paragraph from that post. Then after I installed it and restarted x I took another screen shot of the same paragraph. Here are my results:

Before font fix:

After Font Fix:

Now you you should probably click on the images or open them in a new Firefox tab to see them bigger and clearer to get the most accurate test results. But as far as I can see I do not see much of a difference if any.... But I would like to hear what you guys think? or perform your own tests and share with us how yours went.