Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nice Awn mock up

So now the Awn forums seems to be working well enough again, and there has been some discussions and progress on things already being made. I just thought I would share some of the things goign on there, just in case you don't go over to the Awn forum a lot, and maybe your just subscribed to my feed.

The first thing, I will write about are these amazing mock ups created by meek:

Now these are very very nice looking. It kind of takes the mac leopard look Awn recently got, and made it more elegant and smooth. The nice thing about this mock up is its very original. No other dock looks like this with the nice elegant curves. I find this important cause over at digg when Awn got the Leopard look and stacks, a lot of people were yelling this like, "Linux and open source just steals ideas." Anyone who ever used beryl or Now Compiz Fusion knows Linux and Open Source are very innovative. So I will enjoy very much to hear what people have to say if this gets put into Awn, cause its an original idea. I just find this look very simple and elegant, hope it gets implemented fast.