Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nice Non-COmpoiste Task bar

If you don't have the hardware to run xcompmgr or Compiz Fusion, but still want a nice looking task bar then Tint is for you. I think tint is the name of this app, because you use the command "tint" to start it via terminal. But on there Google page they call it ttm.....Anywho I go it to work, and here is what mine looks like, way on the bottom where the normal task bar would be:

Now for a zoomed in shot:


Now this taskbar app looks smooth and for me it does what a task bar should do; show all you open apps for you easily to choose which ones to open/minimize. Not only does it do what its supposed to do, but it looks slick and clean, and does not need any composite manager.

If you are looking for a task bar with lost of features this talk bar isn't for you, well at least maybe not yet. This seems to be very new, and still in early development.

Anywho so how did I install it? Well I got its deb from here. AFte rinstallign that, try to run it in terminal with the command:


If that does not work and you get an error similir to this one:

mike@mike-desktop:~$ tint
Cannot open config file!
Copy config_sample to ~/.config/tint/tintrc

If you get an error similar to that one I think I can help you, that seems to mean that the installation didn't create a config file. Luckily for me Colin over at Streamy gave me a copy of his config file. You can get it from paste bin. Copy that and put it into a file and name it, "tintrc". The create a file called "tint" in your .config directory which should be in your home directory. Now tint should run!