Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gnome Main Menue Applet Preview

In my last post I made a quick little video of some of the New applets being developed for Awn. But there was one I couldn't get to work at the time, and that was the Awn Gnome Main Menu Applet. But Guess what i got it workign now....well kind of, I can't actually say it even show sup on my dock....but I can kind of use it.....

Basically last time I added it to my dock it was a white stripe, well now when I add it, it's just a blank spot on the dock. Is that an improvement you may ask? Well I will say it is cause I can kind of use it now. If I click the blank spot it opens up, and I can navigate through it and launch things from it. But it sis still very buggy. For example it randomly closes, and also closes when you mouse leaves i will let you watch me trying it out now: