Friday, August 24, 2007

New Awn Look Preview

Now a little while ago I posted about a new Awn mock up that looked really great designed by Awn forum user Meek. Well to be exact I posted about it on August 15. Now why is that date important? Thats about when the idea was first posted on the Awn forum. This is now 9 days later, and we have a working preview of this mock-up already! Now that is progress!

Anywho On this forum post here, you can find the patches to get this to work. There are two replies with patches, you want to use the reply with patches that is near the bottom of that 2nd page of the post. Just download those patches and apply them in order and Bam, you can get this nice new look of Awn. But I will warn you this is just a preview so Don't try it if you don't need it yet. Also once the patches are applied you are stuck with that look, you can't switch.

Finally I will provide you with a short video of me just quickly testing mine out. Now there is nothing really super cool in this video, I coudl have used a screen shot, but thought something moving was more fun: