Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some fun with Compiz Fusion

So while messing around in Compiz Fusion I found something that looked pretty funny/cool. To try this out you are goign to need a few things:

  • Compiz Fusion
  • Airplane Plugin
  • Widget Plugin
  • a Bunch of screenlets

This is very simple to do, make the close effect the Airplane, and then lunch a bunch of screenlets. Make sure the screenlets are set as widgets so they go to the widget layer. Now hit F-9 or what ever your key combo/mouse action is to bring up the widget layer. Now look at your close the widget layer and watch the fun!

If you having trouble visualizing what will happen or you do not have one of the things or any of the things to do this, well basically all the widgets fold up and fly away like a little army of planes....Ok well I found it cool!

Here are some screen shots, unfortunately my computer is too slow to allow me to record these at the same time as running Compiz so I could only try and capture some screen shots: