Saturday, August 18, 2007

Awn Manager Now in latest Bzr

A little while back I posted a preview of the Awn-manager that was being developed for Awn. Well now it's in the latest Bzr update for Awn, and seems to be working great! IF you want to know more about it's features read the preview article I wrote earlier.

Now with that done and said you can now create, save and share themes. So I will share a theme I made:

I call my Theme Glass Beach. I based it off of the clock screenlet shown to the left of my dock. The clock screenlet theme was ocean, and my desktop wallpaper is a beach. So I decided to go with the theme....and produced that. Now its nothing super spiffy looking but if you would like to download it for your awn-theme manager you can download it here.

Please create you own themes and share them with all of us. If you have created a theme post about it and a link to download it in the comments to this thread. If you are looking for a place to host the theme for download, I woudl recommend, Media Fire.