Monday, November 12, 2007

First Look at Prism

So a little while ago I made my first webrunner app. Webrunner was a program used to bring web applications to the desktop. It was very confusing and not all that easy for the average user. Recently Webrunner has now become Prism. The initila code for Prism is being taken from webrunner. So I decide to use webrunner again and noticed they update the code a bit, and now the files are actually called Prism and its extremely easy to use.

You can grab the files for Linux here. Just download them and extract the, and you will have a directory called Prism. In that directory just run ./prism and you will get something like this(click image to see bigger):

And right from there its super easy to create your own prism application; just add in the Url of the web application choose some options and even have it create a desktop launcher. This is much much easier to use then the old webrunner.

I have just come across one problem. I used this to access or try and access my iscrybe calendar. But for some reason Prism inst using my Firefox add ons such as flash, because it says i need flash 8 or high to use iscrybe, yet in normal Firefox my iscrybe works fine. So if you happen to figure out how to get flash working in this let me know in the comments, thanks!