Monday, October 29, 2007

My first Webrunner app! Iscrybe

I love internet applications which is why you sometimes get website reviews on this Linux blog. So naturally I have been following the webrunner project. This is a project to open up internet applications as separate programs. So I tried my first shot of making a webrunner application for Iscrybe my favorite online calendar so I could easily and quickly launch it from my Awn bar.

So I am very happy to announce I did it(click picture to see larger):

Anywho if you want to grab my webrunner app to use iscrybe in webrunner, download it here. Once downloaded to get it on my Awn bar I first put the iscrybe.webapp into my home directory. Then created a new launcher called "Iscrybe". The command to use to launch the webrunner iscrybe app is:

webrunner -webapp iscrybe.webapp

Once the launcher was created I dragged it onto awn and yes, I have a nice desktop calendar now! Just a note you need to have webrunner installed to use my webapp obviously.