Monday, October 22, 2007


Wesnoth is a pretty slick game for Linux. I have tried it on and off and have been slowly becoming addicted to it. Anywho I decided to install it on my gutsy install and noticed for the first time there was online play! This could have been available for awhile but I just noticed it and tried it out. The online play was super fun, and team battles were great fun! Just a note, I won my first online Wesnoth game :-) It was 2 v 2 and my teammate was just knocked out, but I hung in and defeated my two enemies! Anyway I was excited about winning my first online game. If you haven't tried Wesnoth give it ago, its very fun, and the online team battles are great.

Just a note if you download and try and play online and you get an error when someone starts the online game, its because you are playing with players who are probably running the unstable version of Wesnoth and have certain characters you game doesn't. So to be able to play in any online game, I recommend compiling the latest source.

The Wesnoth website can be found here.

Lastly watch the Wesnoth trailer if you wish: