Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How do you get your Ubuntu?

I am sure most people who run Linux downloaded there .iso and burned it to a cd. Then I bet there are a few of you who maybe bought a cd or got a free cd mailed to your house. Well what if you saw one of these in your local mall:
I would probably say something like, "what the hell is that?" Well if thats what your asking, its called the freedom toaster....according to its website, its a:

Freedom Toasters are conveniently located, self-contained, computer-based, 'Bring 'n Burn' facilities.

Sounds to me like you bring em a disc and they will speed burn things for you....sounds kind of interesting. Apparently its a new way of thinking By Shuttleworth to distribute Ubuntu. I was referred to that website for the freedom toaster by this article.