Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wuala Free Online storage

This is a wonderful new online storage idea that works on windows, mac, and linux!!! Why else would I report about it, if it did not work on Linux. Anywho how it work is it connect to everyone on the network, and you can give part of your hard drive to the network to share files on. Well to use this you do not need to give any space on your computer, and you will be given 1g of free space with unlimited file size upload (I am pretty sure, haven't tested that yet though).

If my explanation wasn't good enough then you can read wuals' here.

Unfortunately it is in private beta, so you all just can't join yet. Between steamy and this I have good luck with getting into these.

I would like to point out I have it working for myself only partly. I have full access to the free on gig of online storage which is great. But you can get more if you share part of your hard drive space. Unfortunately to be able to this is pretty tricky and you need to have knowledge with router things and ip addresses and UPnP.