Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Adobe AIr comming to Linux Soon

Adobe air has only been out for pc and mac computers. Eer since Adobe air came out, it looked like amazing eye candy to me. But it was really meant to bring internet applications to the desktop.

Anywho they have always said, they would eventually release a linux version. All linux users know that adobe has been slow on their releases of flash for linux, and it was a big pain a couple of years ago, not being able to use the latest flash technology. I personally thought adobe would never get around anytiem soo to letting linux users, try adobe air.

Not to get your hopes up with that last sentance, but adobe air is nto out on linux yet...But I have proof they are definetly workign on it. They are going into a tight private beta and need linux users to help test it and report bugs. You can read more about that, and find out how to apply to be a beta tester here.

One last note, if any of you get accepted as beta testers please stop by and keep us posted on how things are looking.