Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thunderbird Awn Plugin

I just started to use thunderbird with my gmail account. I have liked it so much, I am using it now all the time, and not using my online version of gmail. So me being the Awn obsessed man I am, I knew there must be an Awn plug in somewhere. So I searched the Awn forums till I found this post.

Basically this plug in will place messages over the Thunderbird Icon on the dock, notifying you of new mail massages, like so:

I find this plug in very convenient because i do not have to keep un-minimizing Thunderbird to check if I have new messages. Now if you already are a Thunderbird user your probably saying, Thunderbird can give you pop up notifications for when new mail comes in. Well you right, but I turned them off cause they look so ugly. This awn plug in is the much more blingy way to do it!

To grab the plug in you can download it from here. But you need to have an account there because it is in the sandbox section. Also once your account is created you need to go to preferences and enable viewing of sandbox addons.