Monday, March 10, 2008

Awn Remember the Milk Applet

Are you juggling a million things you need to complete at once? Well why not use a todo list? The one problem I have had with todo lists, is I want them to be quickly and easily accessible. I never could find one, because I would always need to browse to a website in firefox, which isnt that long, but is a pain when I need a quick glance at what I need to do.

But now there is a super quick and easy todo list usign remeber the milk + Awn!!!! Here is a nice screenshot:

This us a super sweet todo list for Awn, and will definetly help me stay on task. If you want to download it you can grab it here. Just a note you do need an accoudt with Remeber the Milk, but thats really is no big deal. Lastly if you have questions or bugs with the applet or simply want to discuss it, you can chat about it here is this awn forum post.