Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Question for the readers

Now depending on how this post goes I may make this type of post happen more often. By looking at my site statistics a decent amount of you read this forum. I am also sure we have readers from all levels of Linux, and maybe we could get more interaction and more ways to help others.

So here is the idea behind this type of post. I will post a question, and users can answer it in the comments section. This will help each other teach each other....that sounds strange but you get the point.

So the question for this week:

How can you get quicktime video to play in Firefox like the videos that are on the Apple website?

So if you know how to do this share your answer. Also maybe if you register for the comments we can award points for people who first give the answer that works, and we can keep track

I do not receive and compensation if you register for the comments, the point in me saying if your registered we will track you points is because, its hard to track points if you keep changing user names.